Health And Safety Guidelines For Using A Forklift

Before forklifts were around, it was common in factories to lift and move loads by rope and cables. Looking back on this now, it’s quite clear that this was extremely dangerous. So even though forklifts have increased the safety in warehouses and factories, there are still many dangers when it comes to handling a forklift.
Must Be Qualified
The main and most obvious point would be that the operator must be qualified. It’s important the workers expected to operate this vehicle have had the training. Even though they may look simple, they are definitely not. Operating a forklift without the right training could cause serious damage to the operator and other workers in the warehouse.
Appropriate Clothing
It’s an essential that the operators wear the appropriate clothing. Usually consisting of a helmet/hat, appropriate footwear (boots are the most common) and hi-visibility jackets. They also must be fitted well as any loose clothing could get caught on machinery and cause injury.
Regular Checks
It’s important to have regular checks on all forklifts, especially before driving them. If there is anything wrong with the forklift it can cause injury to the operator or others if not checked first. The main things to check would be the brakes, steering, controls, warning sensors and tyres.
Be Aware Of Surroundings

Observing your surroundings before using a forklift is an important factor when it comes to making the work place safer. Make sure other workers are out of the way before using the forklift as well as objects that could interfere.

There are many safety guidelines when it comes to operating a forklift safely but these are the main few. As long as you stick to these, you can be sure to be safe when operating your forklift.
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