Range: Commander Sideloaders

Fork Lift Trucks

Capacities: 3 tonne – 50 tonne

Fuel: Diesel

With it’s over engineered chassis, safe load tested cab and superb hydrostatic drive system you only have to buy a Commander once and that machine will last your company a life time.


As the UK manufacturer of the heavy duty Commander Sideloader range and also suppliers of Baumann equipment, Commander Handling has over 70 years experience within the industry.
Sideloaders are needed when it comes to transporting long loads through narrow aisles/doorways in an efficient and safe manner.

Commander handling offers a vast range of sideloaders from 3 tonne right up to 50 tonne capacity and with our vast knowledge of the industry we aim to make sure your business is as cost efficient and safe as possible.

A sideloader is designed to be more stable carrying a load longitudinally along the length of the machines chassis as opposed to balancing the load transversely across the forks on a counter balance lift truck, which is both unstable, unsafe and would require doors and aisles the width of the load.

Due to a sideloaders tight turning circle, unique manoeuvrability and superior carrying methods which are not possible with a counter balance fork lift truck an increase in the overall storage capacity of your site can be achieved.

  • C30 SA (Low deck height)
  • C40 SA (Low deck height)
  • C50 SL
  • C65 SL
  • C80 SL

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