NEXEN fork lift trucks… Innovator, not an imitator

NEXEN strives to be the very best in the field of fork lift truck design by challenging the accepted boundaries of design in order to develop ever more productive and eco friendly machines for the material handling sector.

NEXEN lift products are designed to handle the toughest and most demanding applications and deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Offering everything from a pallet truck to a counter balance fork lift, NEXEN has it all.

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Nexen’s high performance range of electric forklifts available in both 3 and 4 wheel varients offer a productive and energy efficient solution for a variety of lifting applications.

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Nexen Pallet Trucks

Nexen pallet trucks are specially designed to handle horizontal transportation ranging from light to heavy duties in both confined and open warehouse environments where driver comfort, reliability and low cost maintenance are key.

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Nexen Stackers

Nexen offers a wide range of stackers with the option of standard or mono masts and standard or straddle operation, ergonomically designed for enhanced operation and to provide maximum productivity. Double pallet stackers are available in 1 tonne and 1.2 tonne capacities.

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Nexen Reach Trucks

Nexen reach trucks represent an innovative warehouse handling solution, able to retrieve pallets at greater heights in narrow aisles while maintaining the highest stability, visibility and maneuverability for the operator.

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Nexen Order Pickers

Nexen order pickers feature compact design and high maneuverability, providing versatility and high performance in a wide array of inventory management applications across retail, warehousing and distribution.

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Nexen Tow Trucks

Nexen tow tractors are a high performance cost effective solution for line feed operations designed to pull the heaviest of loads making them ideal for numerous industry operations.

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