Common forklift mistakes

To operate a forklift, rigorous training is required, as is a natural ability of navigation and spatial awareness.

However, even with these skills, mistakes can still be made with forklifts. And when it comes to operating machinery like forklifts in order to move heavy items, making mistakes is a safety hazard which can lead to injuries.

These common forklift mistakes can be easily fixed, though. So here are some of the most common ones we’ve come across and how best they can be dealt with:

Reckless driving

One of the most common and dangerous mistakes that forklift operators make, reckless driving is often done by newer forklift operators who aren’t fully accustomed to the ins and outs of driving a forklift. Reckless driving mainly manifests in driving at higher speeds than necessary, in order to rush through jobs or get to certain areas faster. This is dangerous and forklifts should only ever be driven at recommended speeds.

Not checking tyres

It is extremely important for forklift operators to check their tyres on a regular basis. Not doing so can cause to problems that impair the ability of the forklift to perform to its maximum capability. For example, under-inflated tyres can cause poor traction, while over-inflation can blow out and put the forklift out of action.

Not checking the battery

A minor mistake compared to the previous two, but if you don’t check the battery on a regular basis, you are more likely to lose power at a critical moment. It’s simple to check the battery of a forklift and this should be done before the beginning of every operation.

Forgetting to signal

A cause of annoyance on the roads, people who work in places where forklifts are operated can also be annoyed when drivers don’t signal the direction in which they are going. Even if the indicators aren’t working, the driver’s hands can be used, which can avoid inconveniences for others.

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