Top tips to help you choose the right forklift for your business

Picking the right forklift for your business is vital. Every single forklift is designed for specific job. The decision will affect everything within your company, including productivity through to employee morale and operational costs.

To help you make the right choice, the Commander Handling team has listed 7 things to consider when choosing your new forklift.

Business Environment

The environment your business operate in will greatly impact the type of forklift you can choose. You must consider the working conditions the forklift will be exposed to, such as the floor, is it outside all the time, and how often will the forklift be used? All three variables will dramatically change the choice dependent on your answers.


Before choosing a machine, consider what the typical height of the lift is, how high it might need to lift and if your building has any height restrictions (these can include low hanging lights).

At the same time as checking the height, also look at the aisle width as this will also impact your decision.

Load size/capacity

Along with the height, you must look very carefully at the maximum lift capacity of your forklift. It would be disastrous to order a machine that is below your requirements. Things to consider include:

  • What is your average load weight?
  • What is the width of your loads?
  • What stock will the forklift be handling?
  • What is the heaviest load you need to lift?

At the same time, think about the type of load as attachments that can enhance a standard forklift could be available.

Type of Tyres

Earlier we mentioned about the environment you work in and this is important regarding tyres. There are various types including white non-marking and cushioned which all have a specific use. The tyres also impact the forklifts handling and safety so if you are unsure what type to pick, speak to our experienced team.

Fuel Type

There are three fuel options regarding forklifts – electric, gas or diesel.

Electric are much more efficient over the long term with a longer life span but cost more initially. They however operate at a lower audible range and produce no emissions.

Gas and diesel forklifts can move much bigger loads and move faster than electric. Diesel is the recommended choice when the forklift will be regularly lifting heavy loads in an outdoor environment.

It’s Appearance

Consider the health of the forklift operator as well. Sitting in the same seat for a long time can be detrimental to the back and increase the risk of your employees having time off. Look at the seat and much more.

By thinking about these important features when picking your forklift, you can guarantee your new purchase is right for your needs. If you require more information about any forklifts or other products Commander Handling stock or need assistance making your choice, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today.


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