How a Sideloader can help your business

The Sideloader, as the name suggests, allows you to load and unload from the side of the machine. Here at Commander Handling we believe this intrinsic design can bring many benefits to your business and make them a great addition to our fleet.

There are many features of the slideloader which improve the efficiency of loading and therefore will save your business time, resource and money. For example:
•    No additional loading equipment is needed
•    Unlike standard forklifts they don’t need to turn and can load easily from the side, ensuring efficient deliveries to a designated point
•    With the tight turning circle, unique manoeuvrability and superior carrying methods an increase in the overall storage capacity of your site can be achieved
•    Sideloaders are more practical for long loads of items like timber and steel, as the load follows the direction travelled reducing width and load
•    Purchase of the Commander Sideloader, with its over engineered chassis, safe load tested cab and superb hydrostatic drive system, will ensure your company will only have to buy one once and that machine will last a life time.

We all know safety is of the upmost importance when moving and handling equipment, the sideloaders’ features can ensure your business is running as smooth as possible:
•    The flat bed of the Sideloader guarantees the load is stabilised and ensures safe and secure movement across your site
•    When steering the operator has clear visibility in front and behind for spotting potential hazards and obstructions
•    Sideloaders are designed to work in narrower aisles and doorways, plus with the Baumann sideloaders’ responsive handling it makes them easy to control, great for safe use in busy warehouses or stock rooms.

If you would like to know more about our range of sideloaders and how they can benefit your business and handling needs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today on 01924 827400. For more information on Sideloaders, please click here


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