Maintaining your forklift

Forklifts are a vital part of the day-to-day operations of many businesses, which is why it is crucial that they receive regular maintenance to ensure the workplace continues to operate safely and smoothly. As Forklift truck specialists, here at Commander Handling we have outlined some simple checks that when done daily, alongside regular services, can ensure a well-maintained forklift and even expand the lifespan of the truck:

• Firstly, at the beginning of a shift, you should check for any immediate signs of visible damage or leaks on the forklift.
• Pay attention to gauges and lights found on the instrument panel of the forklift that give an indication when a part is malfunctioning, by quickly taking care of any minor faults you can avoid more expensive repairs.
• Check the air pressure of your tyres is correct daily to ensure the safety of the vehicle. If the tyres are solid rubber ones, make sure there are no gashes present.
• The operator should then check the operation of the forks, chains, anchor points and mast.
• Depending on how often the forklift is used, daily checks of various fluid levels such as transmission and hydraulic fluids, coolants and motor oil may be necessary to keep the forklift running efficiently.
• Keep all moving parts of the forklift lubricated to avoid the harmful effects of friction.

Here at Commander Handling we have developed our mechanical repair capabilities to cover a range of equipment, including any type or make of forklifts. Utilising our modern fleet of vehicles and fully trained technicians Commander Handling is able to provide an efficient national service to our entire customer base.

For more information of the service and repair provision we provide, get in touch with the team.


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