Why you should invest in a Sideloader?

Sideloaders, as the name suggests, transport long loads longitudinally along the length of the machines chassis as opposed to balancing the load transversely across the forks on a counter balance lift truck, allowing for a more stable and efficient move.

Commander Handling is recongnised as a leading supplier of the Commander and Baumann Sideloader range which offers a variety of sideloading trucks to handle long and bulky goods. With over 60 years’ experience in the development, design and production of Sideloaders, Commander is recognised as the leading supplier.

Firstly all sideloaders are designed with tight turning circles, unique manoeuvrability and superior carrying methods which are not possible with a counter balance fork lift truck, resulting in an increase in the overall storage capacity of your site. Sideloaders are designed to work in narrower aisles and doorways ideal for safe use in busy warehouses or stock yards.

To find out more about the range of Sideloaders Commander Handling provide, get in touch with the team, or click here.


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