A guide to effective forklift training

What sort of forklift training should you provide new staff to ensure a safe and efficient working environment? It is said that that warehouse or distribution centre operations are only as safe and productive as their operators, therefore knowing your staff are fully trained and competent to operate a forklift is a must.

Here at Commander Handling we pride ourselves on having an in-depth knowledge of the material handling industry and have outlined some steps your company can take to ensure you offer effective training to your employees.

Trainer Credentials

Ensure your staff are trained by accredited and experienced professionals, if you are bringing in an outside firm make sure the trainer is qualified both through experience and on paper.

Site specific

Conditions between one site and another can vary dramatically, make sure the forklift training is tailored to your company’s specific needs. Make sure you liaise with the trainer to go over your site’s potential issues, obstacles and unique operations to include within the training programme.

Allow time for thorough training

Ensure the programme of training is thorough. Provide time for classroom instructions as well as hands-on training on the specific class of truck your employees will be working on. Not only do staff require training on actual forklift operation, but an effective training programme also covers safety information and “off the truck” activities, such as pre-shift inspections and safe battery handling.

Train all staff

In a busy distribution centre or warehouse, it is not only the forklift truck operators who require training to ensure the safety of the site. Staff working around the vehicles face hazards too and providing specific training to them also can reduce the risk of accidents and pedestrian injuries.

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