Mobicon Straddle Carriers Can Save Costs on Container Handling by Improving Your Freight Workflow


Compared to other ways to handle containerised freight, using a mini-straddle carrier to unload containers off the truck and move them around your facility will typically save in handling costs. This is achieved by:

  • Less waiting time for the transporter, as the Mobicon takes the container off the truck in minutes
  • No hiring costs for Sideloaders, cranes or self loading trailers
  • Much cheaper than conventional container handling options like container forklifts, reach stackers or large straddle carriers


Get greater flexibility in where you pack or unpack the container. Place the container where you want; close to the goods. This flexibility typically results in savings in time and resources. We can help you design your product handling to make the most of the space you have available.

Separate transport from your operations.

Remove need to divert staff to unpack or pack a container when a truck arrives – manage staff based on your own needs. Handle the goods when you want and not when the transport company wants.


Reduce traffic in your yard or warehouse when a container arrives – using a Mobicon means there is no need to have forklifts scurrying around to quickly unload a container and the risk of accidents is reduced.

Emptying or filling a container is also much safer while the container is on the ground. No need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps.

Our mini-straddle carriers are built for lifting and moving containers. Unlike forklifts they have a very low centre of gravity and will not tip over like a forklift.

Mobicon Two Tower

The design of the Two Tower Mobicon is unique, it is Australian designed and made and world-wide patents are awarded.

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Mobicon Eco Bottom Lift

The ECO Series is designed with efficiency in mind.

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Mobicon Eco Top Lift

The ECO Series is designed with efficiency in mind

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Mobicon Eco Top Lift Two High

The ECO Series is designed with efficiency in mind.

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